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PN: 785B Plating Cell PVC


PN: 785B Plating Cell PVC (with side flow holes)

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Cell P/N Lexan PVC Flow Holes Pump Max °F Approx. Volume Lab setting In-tank
785A Yes No Yes No 212 1 Gal. w/ container Yes Yes
785B No Yes Yes No 360 1 Gal. w/ container Yes Yes
785C Yes No No No 212 1/2 Gal. Yes No
800L Yes No No Yes 212 1 Gal. Yes No
800PVC No Yes No No 360 1 Gal. Yes No
492 No Yes Yes No 180 400 Milliliters Yes Yes

The plating cell PN:  785B PVC construction and are designed for in-tank use. The openings at each end on the bottom sides allow solution to flow into the cell when the cell is lowered into the plating bath. It is specifically designed for precision deposit stress measurements. The cell offers a standard geometry with respect to anode size and positioning.  Consistent anode to cathode spacing is maintained.

NOTE: During plating a test strip is exposed to a uniform current density along the legs of the strip.  The plating test should be continued until the test strip legs deflect up to 20 units and with a target thickness that does not exceed approximately 100 microinches for the most accurate results.  Very low stress may show only 1-2 units.

When Using the PN: 785B Plating Cell in a working tank, do not plate the test strip using the power supply that is being used to plate other parts, since the production work draws current density values that differ from what the test strip receives. Use a separate current supply, preferably a 0-2 ampere to plate the test strip at a current that approximates the current density for the parts being plated.

Plating Cell PN: 785B Features:

  • Handles for holding the cell in a plating tank
  • PVC construction to withstand Chrome and other harsh chemicals
  • Two anode pockets for 2 3/8″ (61 mm) x 2 3/8″ (61 mm) anodes
  • With side flow holes for in-tank use
  • Leads to each anode from a central contact
  • A clip assembly for positioning the test strip midway between the anodes

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 7 in

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